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Nancy's Highlights and Monthly To Do's

Nancy's Garden Highlights

                                    River of Irises ~ Coastal GA Botanical Gardens

September/October in the Garden September is finally here. The shorter days signal that cooler weather is on the way. The flowering plants in my garden are putting on a show despite some pest problems. Mealy bugs have infested my sage plants and are giving me a fit! Learning how to deter home pests can be a challenge. Luckily, I know where to look and find appropriate treatment for unwanted insects. If you haven’t discovered the Georgia Pest Management Handbook I highly recommend the $20 purchase. It is designed for use by the homeowner and is an excellent resource. It can be purchased on-line or through UGA. 

Things to do: 

-This is the last month that I prune my shrubs. I want the new growth to ‘harden off’ which means mature, before the first frost because pruning stimulates new growth. 

-This is the time of year to test your soil. If you need lime, it’s applied in the fall when plants are dormant. -This is also a good time to amend your soil and feed your shrubs. I’m a composter and have also been known to buy Black Cow compost. 

Things to plant: - I think September is too early to plant winter annuals but I like to start planning. - You’ll see bulbs coming on the market. You can still plant fall-blooming bulbs like spider lily, crocus and colchicums. 

- For edibles- onion sets, lettuce, beets, turnips, spinach and radish seeds can go in. I’m going to try mixing Rainbow Swiss Chard in my flower beds.

- At the end of September thru October, lawns can be fertilized and a 

pre-emergence applied. Check the weather for rain before you use a granular product. You don’t want a heavy rain to wash off your fertilizer! 

 “A butterfly is a self-propelled flower” Robert Heinlein  


Nancy Berulis 


                                                    Confederate Jasmine


                     Dogwoods in Bonaventure

                                 Confederate Jasmine

                                Gary is the unsung hero
                        of Southbridge and our Garden Club!

 Darlene spreading cheer for the birds

   Bossy pants Joanne and Nancy telling  everyone the proper location for the feeders.

            Shape up ladies, no more fooling around.

                   Here we go round the cedar tree ~ 

                      A job well done by these ne'er do-wells.  

Two more goof-offs, Nancy and Joanne. Nancy saved the day for the                    tree topper with a support pole ~ thanks!

                           Thanks for the photos Paulette                                      And Daisy was there ~she wanted the Peanut butter bird feeders!

                            Suzanne adjusts the base lights

                     Nancy and Suzanne swap amusing stories ~

                                                         Coffee and Munchkins for the hard working ladies of SBGC

Plaque installation for Eastern Red Cedar

Completed Project!

Planting of the Eastern Red Cedar ~ Chatham Nursery

Cindy Hornung, Marie Foley, Debbie Yeagley, Amy McGuffey, Mary Tritch, Nicki Hanson, Vicki Chubin

Photos by Cindy Hornung

photo by Liz Casella

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