Southbridge Garden Club

Savannah, Georgia

President's Message

Liz Casella
President 2017-2019

Hello fellow Gardeners,

    We are starting to see the warmer weather at the end of the tunnel, but it's covered in pollen already!  

This month we will be having a speaker on native plants and it should be great information for starting out all our spring gardening.  


     This month we will have a speaker, Keren Giovano, Program Director with UGA, talking on the importance of native plants in our gardens.


     Susan Off will be our host, so look for information on that in the meetings' link and your email soon.

Liz xoxo



Worth repeating:

     As a side note, I am very thankful for the positive feedback and general support from all of my fellow gardeners. Planning an interesting program month after month is often a challenge.  Ideas are always appreciated and email (or call) anytime you have questions, concerns, or ideas.  This is your club :)  #grateful#xoxo#havingfun#y'allrock


Irises at Coastal GA Botanical Gardens            

         Gary Rowden, Southbridge Property Manager, 2/2016