Southbridge Garden Club

Savannah, Georgia

President's Message

Liz Casella
President 2017-2018

Hello Gardeners,

    Welcome to Fall, I use the word loosely, haha.  As with every September, I am sick of the heat and everything is looking a bit haggard, like me!

Our first meeting was rather festive with everyone happy to be starting a new year of garden fun. The Executive Board update for those of you still in the dark is, Debbie Yeagley will be the vice president this year and president next year ~ Yay, good news for all of us.  Darlene Camapana will  take over Debbie's duties as Treasurer. Thank you both for stepping up and ensuring the continuing quality of our club.  Please go to the Meetings and Info page for updates there.

See you all in October! 

Liz xoxo



Worth repeating:

     As a side note, I am very thankful for the positive feedback and general support from all of my fellow gardeners. Planning an interesting program month after month is often a challenge.  Ideas are always appreciated and email (or call) anytime you have questions, concerns, or ideas.  This is your club :)  #grateful#xoxo#havingfun#y'allrock

    Liz xoxo

Irises at Coastal GA Botanical Gardens            

         Gary Rowden, Southbridge Property Manager, 2/2016